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Book Quality Rental Properties with Confidence

RRN Property Network is a short term rental company that aims to provide world class properties to travelers and businesses.

Welcome to the Best Experience
of your Temporary Stays

Impeccable Style

Our interior design team always strives for the best for you.

Exceptional Service

Secure Booking

Book online with confidence and ease of mind.

Professionally Cleaned


Both are units and clients are selected carefully. Distinct portfolio, happy clients.

Workcation Ready

We are always here for you, 24/7.

All our properties are professionally cleaned and detailed before you arrive

Our units are equipped with everything you need, from high speed internet to comfy desk and chairs, for your next workcation.



For Landlords

landlords 01.JPG

We value our networking and relationship with our landlords and want to ensure that the properties are maintained always in perfect condition, furnished and equipped with highest quality items.

Our clientele is selected carefully, mostly business travelers and individuals who stay only in quality properties. We assure landlords that we require all guests to comply with our standards and safety regulations.


We provide all the legal documentation, including guarantees and insurance policies, just to make sure our relationships with the landlords are on solid grounds and long lasting.





About Us

Ready Rent Now, is a service brand created by the founders of RRN Property Network which belongs to an international group called DAVISION21.

Among the investments and partnerships of DAVISION21 are Real Estate Development, Brokerage and Advisory services companies, Technology Startups and other service providing firms.

While DAVISION21 is focused on and has investments in Technology field, projects of B2B, B2C, ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning), and Networking; the areas of concentration are Real Estate, Emerging Tech, Health, Energy and Sustainability.

Our Founders

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